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We're excited to once again offer THREE programs this year!


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Adult and Teen Summer Reading Program Description & Rules


For teens and adults, we have a goal for everyone to read at least three books this summer! Books must be read and logged by Friday, July 28, 2017 at 12 midnight. All participants who reach this goal will earn both a completion prize (tape measure) and are also automatically entered into the Grand Prize Drawing for a $300 Amazon gift card. There will be separate drawings for adults and teens.

In addition to the reading goal, there are a few other parts to the program. Additional reading, completing Challenges, and attending Library programs will all award badges. For every 5 badges earned, participants get to choose one small prize of their choosing (picked up at the 1st Floor Reference Desk while supplies last). You will be notified in a popup message and through the mail system on your Summer Reading account. In addition, as reading is logged different avatar fashions will be unlocked making it fun to mix and match styles. A new avatar outfit is unlocked every 40 points up to 600 points.

In addition to winning small prizes, participants will earn one ticket entry for every badge awarded. This means you could potentially earn dozens of tickets which could then be used for entries into 25 separate prize drawings. Ticket entries will only be available for pick up after the end of the Summer Reading Program (August 2 - 12). Please come in to pick up your ticket entries and place them in the prize box of your choice. These will be located near the 1st Floor Reference Desk. One winner will be drawn from each box, but it’s possible for the same person to win a prize from two or more boxes if tickets are spread out.

Finally, during registration, participants will be automatically assigned to one of three teams (green, orange, or yellow). Teams will actively compete against each other to see who can get the most points from reading by the end of the program. The winning team will be announced at the Summer Reading Pool Party on Saturday, July 29. There will also be a page within the Summer Reading online program where we will regularly update the team results.

Participation Rules

Reading goal:




Log Books:

Secret Codes:


Library Programs:


Progress Bar:




Completion prize = Tape measure
Small prizes = Treats and small prizes
Drawing prizes = 25 big prizes
Grand prize = $300 Amazon gift card
Prizes list

Completion Prize:

Small Prizes:

Drawing Prizes:

Grand Prize:

Pool Party:

Saturday, July 29, 2017
10:00 – 11:30 am
Provo Recreation Center Pool